Welcome to Pink Can Win

We provide help and inspire hope to those
affected by breast cancer through early detection,
education, and support services.

How can we help you?

Newly diagnosed

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, get informed about the basics you’ll need to know.

In Treatment

Learn how to work with your doctors, manage side effects, and navigate changes in your daily life as you undergo treatment.

Finished Treatment

After treatment is completed, follow-up care and healthy living are essential. Learn what you need to live a full, healthy life.

Living with metastatic disease

Learn how to manage your treatments while living life to the fullest with metastatic breast cancer.

Concerned about risk

A variety of factors can contribute to an individual's breast cancer risk. Learn about the steps you can take to lower your risk.

Caring for someone

If someone you are close to is diagnosed with breast cancer, learn what to expect and how to support them.

What We Do

At PINK CAN WIN, we have created a space where each one of us can contribute by exchanging ideas on how to meet the hundreds of difficult situations that Breast Cancer patients and their loved ones face every day. We meet in small groups periodically in person, through telephone or online, forming bonds that nurture feelings of hope and positivity and reduce the feelings of anxiety and loneliness that have destroyed patients and their loved ones. Come, join us. Together, let’s show the world that Breast Cancer is not a full stop. PINK CAN WIN

Here's how you show that PINK CAN WIN:

• share your knowledge and experience to deal with Breast Cancer

• tell others how you managed to cope with the disease

• connect with so many who feel isolated and distressed

• help find a support community for those diagnosed with the disease.

• empathize, empower, strengthen– give HOPE to those who’ve been devastated by the diagnosis

• educate how to communicate with the medical team and caregivers

• share accurate medical information on treatment and resources